Repair Service Center

Laptops & Computers Repair Services 

Laptop Repair 

We repair all laptop hardware and software issues such as:
* Screen replacement
* Hinge repair
* Power jack repair
* Liquid spills
* Hard Drive replacement
* Keyboard replacement

Computer Repair 

We troubleshoot all hardware and software issues your PC may have such as:
*Hardware diagnostics
*Component replacement
*Software crashes
*Blue screens
*Internet issues
*Windows re-install

iMac & MacBook Repair 

We can detect and repair MacBook & iMac faults and problems such as:
* Screen replacement
* Liquid spills
* Hard Drive replacement
* Keyboard replacement
* Internet issues
*OS/X re-install

Clean & Virus Removal 

We can clear up virus and spyware related issues.
Here are some of the most common:
*Viruses & Trojans
*Malware & Hijacking
*Spyware & Adware
*Worms & Bots

Data Recovery 

Using special data recovery techniques, we offer fast and affordable data recovery.
Recovery situations:
*Hard drive crash
*Power surges/outages
*Boot failure
*Corrupted partitions

Build New Game Computers &Upgrades Old desktop 

We can upgrade your laptop or computer.
*RAM Memory
*Hard drive or SSD
*Video card
*Motherboard & CPU
*USB ports
*Operating system